About Us

Who We Are

PPS Food Industries Sdn Bhd (Co. Reg. No: 909790-A) has been incorporated in Malaysia since 29th July 2010. With only 5 work force at the beginning, we are now has grown to more than 25 in a period of less than 5 year

Our core business is producing Halal (Certified by JAKIM) steamed bun (or more commonly known as pau or pao or bao, in Malaysia & Asian Countries) for the global Halal market. Our objective is to introduce the Malaysian multicultural tastes to the world. Some of our unique tastes of Paus include Sambal Petai Pau (our signature product), Rendang Beef, Rendang Chicken and Curry Chicken. Others are BBQ chicken, Red Bean Paste, Kaya, Coconut & Chocolate. We are constantly developing new flavours and tastes for the market.

Besides Pau, we are also developing a range of pastry products like Curry Puff, Rolls, Tarts and Pies, again with unique and aromatic flavours.

“Mamaku” is the Registered Trade Mark of all products produced by PPS Food Industries Sdn Bhd.

Product of PPS Food Industries Sdn Bhd has always been produced within the high & stringent Quality Assurance environment. Food Safety has always been our top concern in food manufacturing. That’s the reason that we have the ISO 22000 Certification done in 2015 besides JAKIM’s Halal Certification.

Customers’ satisfaction is always being our top priorities in this business.

Our Vision

Create job opportunities for the surrounding community with a healthy & comfortable workplace.

Our Mission

Position Mamaku as Malaysia and Internationally leading brand of affordable and quality food for general public, with motto “Berkhasiat-Enak-Segar-Terunggul”, meaning for “Nutritious-Delicious-Fresh-Unique”.

All products bearing brand name “Mamaku”, produced by PPS Food Industries Sdn Bhd, have been certified by JAKIM (Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia).

Malaysian Standard on Halal Food (MS 1500:2009)

The Malaysian Standard entitled ‘Halal Food: Production, Preparation, Handling and Storage – General Guide (MS 1500:2009) was developed under the Malaysian Standard Development System, under the wing of Department of Standardization Malaysia (DSM), Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation.

The Malaysian Standard is one of five government initiatives in realizing the dream of establishing Malaysia as the centre of halal food.

The standard was developed by the National Industrial Standardization Committee related to Halal matters(ISC I), and is represented by multiple organisations including JAKIM, that acts as the Chairman for the Technical Committee. Please refer to Appendix 1 for an overview of the standardization development system in Malaysia and how ISC I contributes to this system.

This standard contains practical guidelines for the food industry on the preparation and handling of halal food (including nutrient enhancers). It aims to set the ground rules for food products or food businesses in Malaysia. It will be used by JAKIM as the basis for certification whilst other requirements will also be taken into account to complete the certification process.

PPS Food Indutris Sdn Bhd was awarded with ISO 22000:2005 since 10 Oct 2015.  ISO 22000 ensures fair competition.

ISO 22000 consolidates that conditions regarding trade, communication, requirements etc. originates from a common frame. However, the global food industry is constantly developing and there is a need for a generic standard as ISO 22000 to fit the entire food chain from primary production to consumer.

ISO 22000 has the advantage over the many private standards as it covers the whole organization. ISO 22000 contributes to ensure food safety hazards throughout the whole food chain from farm-to-table. This becomes essential as hazards occur at any stage of the food chain.

ISO 22000 accomodates communication along the food chain and withing the organization. Communication is substantial to secure that all relevant food safety hazards are identified and adequately controlled at each step withing the food chain. This implies communication between organizations both upstream and downstream in the food chain.

The aim of ISO 22000 is to harmonize on a global level the requirements for food safety management for organizations withing food chain. It is particularly inteded for application by organizations that seek a more focused, coherent and integrated food safety management system than is normally required by law. It requires the organization to meet any applicable food safety related statutory and regulatory requirements through its food safety management system.

PPS Food Industries Sdn Bhd was warded with MeSTI Certification by Ministry Of Health Malaysia since 1st Oct 2015.

MeSTI was introduced in 2012 to facilitate food enterprises, particularly, SMEs, in meeting the requirements under the Food Hygiene Regulations 2009. Under this food safety assurance programme, the SMEs are required to develop a planned and documented practical system together with control records. Among the key elements in an effective food safety assurance programme are control of premises, control of operation and traceability.